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Fuel dispenser locking arrangement by Gunnar Carlsson – Patent US 20160244315 A1

Palmiga Innovation AB had the privilege to help visualize this innovative solution that could solve the huge fuel theft problem. The absolute majority of all vehicles in the world today are run on fluid fuel. Filling up the tank with today’s fuel prices is rather costly. This has unfortunately lead to an increasing number of people […]

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3D printed parts in the Caresto Arkham Car

3D printed parts in the CARESTO ARKHAM CAR . 2016 . Gumball 3000 Palmiga Innovation – had the absolute privilege to contribute with 3 pieces of rubberlike PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black 3D prints to this amazing build by Caresto AB. This one of a kind car is built by Caresto to be part of Gumball 3000, […]

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Palmiga Innovation – Caresto AB – OpenrR/C -Tires

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Thomas Palm from & teams up with Leif Tufvesson from Caresto AB to be able to contribute with yet another tire design to the open source OpenR/C Formula 1 project by Daniel Norée. Leif is restoring classic cars as well as designing and building Hot Rods, sports cars and special really unique cars. With a background […]

Read More releases story on my winter tires for the Open R/C project did a great job reporting about my new release!

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Releasing new Tires/Rims for the Formula 1 OpenR/C project by Daniel Norée + The Touring & Truggy cars

Anyone interested in the work of Daniel Noreé has probably not missed the fact that he soon will release the files for his latest project – OpenR/C Formula 1. The F1 car can be printed in PLA and is designed so that everybody will be able to print and build it without any hassle. Even […]

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Today it´s up for sale!

One of the houses I have helped to design is up for display and sale today… the sun is shining!   Want to buy it? Check out the Estate agent here…

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Tomorrow the house I helped design is up for sale…

Tomorrow (2015-10-31) one of the houses I helped design is up for display and sale… the final work is soon finished.  The bidding will hopefully sky rocket;)  Despite the grey weather it still looks great doesn’t it.

Read More makes a story on my 3D printed “Palmiga Globe Bouquet Vase”

Thanks for the article , read it here:    

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“Swede Thomas Palm’s modular, 3D printed Palmiga Globe Bouquet Vase is absolutely gorgeous”

That´s the title of the new article that showcases my Globe Bouquet Vase, read it here  For a limited time it´s possible to buy it 3D printed for as low as 9.99USD here  

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In the 3D printing news again…

Post Image has done a nice story on my new 3D print design :- ) how lucky am I? Actually I rather hope this design gives a ripple on our waters and makes our planet happier… 3D Printable Vortex Water Nozzle May Revitalize Your Health and Help Grow Larger Plants The files for 3D printing […]

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