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Offers flexible 3D-Print filaments

Rubberlike electrically conductive TPU material -

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Innovative Design, Mechanical engineering, Prototyping, 3D printing, Project Management & Manufacturing network

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Offers Free 3D-Print Designs

Rubber 3D printing - endless combinations of RC car tires/rims for free download

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Offers Consultancy Services

Innovative Design, Mechanical engineering, Prototyping, 3D printing, Project Management & Manufacturing network

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Innovation/Mechanical Design

I can help you with 3D Mechanical design within different areas. I have made numerous designs used in the food/feed industry/laboratories and also designs for the pool cleaning industry. I am familiar with most types of designs, for instance sheet metal, machined metal or plastic, molded aluminum or plastic, glassware, rapid prototyping etc. I am innovative and like to optimize the designs for ease of manufacturing and thus low cost. Besides producing the documentation needed for manufacturing I also have the means to visualize your own 3D designs or help you from idea all the way to 3D picture/animation or why not a physical 3D print... Check out my free designs on

3d Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words...

3D scanning/printing

3D printing & designing for a optimal print is a passion, especially when it comes to rubberlike materials. I have worked for a long time with TPU filaments and I also manufacture my own flexible conductive TPU 3D print filament. Check out if you would like to learn more or buy some material. Make sure you also check out the set of wheels that I dedicated for the great Open RC project by Daniel Norée


Need help to find a supplier in China, Hungary or Sweden? Give me a try! I have a great network of professional project sourcing people & suppliers. I have for instance visited (and are using) different suppliers in China for many years now... Machining, Sheet Metal, Injection molding, Rubber, Glass, Standard parts or something else? no problem.

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Fuel dispenser locking arrangement by Gunnar Carlsson – Patent US 20160244315 A1

Palmiga Innovation AB had the privilege to help visualize this innovative solution that could solve the huge fuel theft problem.

The absolute majority of all vehicles in the world today are run on fluid fuel. Filling up the tank with today’s fuel […]

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