Fuel dispenser locking arrangement by Gunnar Carlsson – Patent US 20160244315 A1

Fuel dispenser locking arrangement gunnar carlsson palmiga innovation US 20160244315 A1Palmiga Innovation AB had the privilege to help visualize this innovative solution that could solve the huge fuel theft problem.

The absolute majority of all vehicles in the world today are run on fluid fuel. Filling up the tank with today’s fuel prices is rather costly. This has unfortunately lead to an increasing number of people simply not paying for the fuel and just running off once the tank is filled up.

In Sweden alone over 46 000 fuel thefts are committed every year costing the station owners more than 55 million Swedish SEK. Though fuel prices may be considered high for the customer, the actual earning per unit sold fuel is rather low. For every stolen full tank, it takes between 7-9 full fuelling to make up the loss for the theft. In many cases, the station owner also must pay taxes for

The present invention provides a lockable fuel pump dispenser comprising a fuel pump handle, a fuel outflow nozzle, a locking unit with locking means, a transfer unit and a converter unit. The transfer unit being connected between the locking unit and the converter unit. The transfer unit is arranged for a mechanical motion by being moved in a predetermined direction, wherein the mechanical motion is being transferred by the converter unit. The converter unit comprises a solenoid or an electrical motor, and the mechanical motion from the transfer unit renders the locking unit and its locking means on the fuel outflow nozzle, to move and thereby fixate the fuel outflow nozzle securely inside a fuel tank of a vehicle. The converter unit further comprises a battery, a computer and transmitter/receiver unit.the stolen fuel.

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