3D printing

3D printing & designing for a optimal print is a passion, especially when it comes to rubberlike materials. I have worked for a long time with TPU filaments and I also manufacture my own electrically conductive TPU 3D print filaments (Check out rubber3Dprinting.com if you would like to learn more or buy some material).

I had the absolute privilege to contribute with 3 pieces of rubberlike PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black 3D prints to this amazing Batman car build by Caresto AB.

Need help to 3D-print something?

FDM prints made from thermoplastic filaments:

3D printing (preferably with 0.7mm nozzle, but also 0.4mm) in soft TPU in the following materials:


Extruding filament:

Extruding/3D printing in customer specific materials so that your prototype can get as close to the end product as possible (note, not every type of material is possible to use for 3D printing).


SLS: (Good resolution prints made of thermoplastic powders):


SLA (Very high resolution prints made of photo-polymer resins):





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Rendered 3D print pictures (virtual materials available for DL in KeyShot Cloud