New Open R/C Formula 1 Tires + Easter Egg

F1_low-profile_snowNot only did I design some snow-chains inspired tires that Daniel Noreé requested but I also did some different friction tires that´s pretty cool (using single print layer bulging loops), added solid tire versions, made 4 new rain tires for the original rims and all my OpenR/C F1 tires/rims are now released under a more liberal license ( Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, CC BY-SA 3.0 ).


I have also included an early ice inspired Easter Egg for this release, I do not promote or support any special use or ideas on how to use it… everyone´s ideas and uses are on their own responsibility. I emphasize that anybody using my designs are doing so on their own risk and that I am in no way responsible for any likely or unlikely damage or injuries.


See Daniel Noreé testing the snow tires here and what did he make of that Easter Egg surprise? Did anyone catch what he did? Maybe he did not share it yet?


NEW release (Easter Egg included):
Low Profile Snow Tires for OpenR/C F1 car








NEW release:
Low Profile Friction Tires for OpenR/C F1 car


For these tires I use the single layer thickness (0.2mm) to create small nubs/bumps on the surface. I have included lots of versions with different height for your individual printer/filament setup. In my picture you can see the use of the filament ETPU 95-250) for 3 different heights.






NEW release:
Low Profile Friction Tires 2 for OpenR/C F1 car


Added a new tire that is solid:
Low Profile Tires/Rims for OpenR/C F1 car


4 new version of Rain tire for original rims:

P.S. the Easter Egg can also be printed in the very flexible TPU-65 SLS-powder: