Monthly Archives: October 2015

Today it´s up for sale!

One of the houses I have helped to design is up for display and sale today… the sun is shining!   Want to buy it? Check out the Estate agent here…

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Tomorrow the house I helped design is up for sale…

Tomorrow (2015-10-31) one of the houses I helped design is up for display and sale… the final work is soon finished.  The bidding will hopefully sky rocket;)  Despite the grey weather it still looks great doesn’t it.

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Thanks for the article , read it here:    

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“Swede Thomas Palm’s modular, 3D printed Palmiga Globe Bouquet Vase is absolutely gorgeous”

That´s the title of the new article that showcases my Globe Bouquet Vase, read it here  For a limited time it´s possible to buy it 3D printed for as low as 9.99USD here  

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